Jerusalem Avenue Elementary School

  • CoSer:  239.040, 239.070, 249.040

    Students: 5 to 10 years old with learning, behavioral and developmental disabilities

    Students receive a dynamic, child-centered, educational experience at the Jerusalem Avenue School, which is staffed by certified special educators dedicated to providing a high-quality, individualized learning environment. Class ratios, as determined by student need, are 6:1:1 or 9:1:2. Reading, language arts, math, science, and social studies are aligned to the New York State Common Core Learning Standards and address students' cognitive levels and learning styles.

    Learning, behavioral or developmental disabilities that interfere with students’ abilities to succeed in general education are addressed by social and emotional supports integrated into classroom activities. A school-wide growth recognition PBIS (Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support) program addresses social and emotional needs and a specific plan is developed for each child by the child's teacher and counselor. Social learning skills are emphasized throughout the curriculum and students work as a team to support each other in social growth. Parents are kept informed concerning their child's progress and are encouraged to be active partners in the education of their child by reinforcing what the child learns in school at home.

    Supportive and related services are available as needed. Psychologists and social workers work closely with students in individual and group sessions to support the development of positive social skills and behaviors and are available to parents on a group or individual basis. Occupational and physical therapies assist students in meeting goals. Speech and Language services are designed to increase students' learning potential and address receptive and expressive difficulties. Different modes of communication are used to meet individual students' needs.

    The Jerusalem Avenue School also provides the Intensive Support Program (ISP) through a collaborative program developed by Nassau ֱ and the North Shore Child & Family Guidance Center for students with significant emotional difficulties with an on-site psychiatrist, psychiatric social workers and coordinator. Services include psychiatric supervision and ongoing parent counseling to address emotional and behavioral issues that interfere with the achievement of educational goals.

    In addition to the center-based program in North Bellmore, two 9:1:2 classes located in the Michael F. Stokes Elementary School in the Island Trees School District provide students with opportunities for integration with non-disabled peers during specific activities during the day.

Guerdens Saint Hilaire was one of 12 exceptional students to be honored with the 2017 George Farber Outstanding Student Award.

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Jerusalem Avenue School
2351 Jerusalem Avenue
Bellmore, NY 11710

District-based classes:
Michael F. Stokes Elementary School
101 Owl Place
Levittown, NY 11756